Aims of the Journal

The journal aims at:

  • Contributing to enhancement and expansion of the legal and political knowledge through the publication of original, legal and political researchers that have not been published previously, by coordinating this research to the solemn standards of various branches of law and political science, in Arabic and English languages from inside and outside Iraq, which would constitute a real addition to the journal's fields.
  • Identifying  the contributions of specialists in the various fields of law and political science, and to shed light on the problems, legal and political issues, whether national or international.
  • Keeping  pace with the  development of  law and political science at the national or international level through publishing commentary on judicial decisions and abstracts of outstanding university theses,  displaying and reviewing new books in Arabic or English in their field of specialization.
  • Disseminating legal and political activities through  publishing special issues of  conferences proceedings and research held by the College.
  • Enhancing intellectual connections and publishing legal and political culture among researchers to achieve and activate scientific communication and their scientific, intellectual, orientation.
  • Extending   bridges of communication with colleges of law and political sciences inside and outside Iraq through exchanging between them in the journal's issues in order to maintain scientific communication and exchange of scientific experiences.
  • Building a knowledge society through participating in the dissemination of solemn and scientific research that helps to develop the society.
  • Supporting  a digital Arab content through publishing legal and political studies, research, by placing the journal's  issues in the hands of readers and researchers, and publishing it in the full text on the journal's web site (Internet), as well as  developing and updating the site.
  • Achieving excellence and progress in local, regional and global classifications.
  • Enabling researchers and  peer reviewers to acquire intellectual and professional skills during the process of publishing scientific research.