About the Journal


- It is a semi-annual scientific refereed Journal issued by the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Diyala University, Diyala / Iraq.

- Its first issue was published in (2012).

- It has two (2) issues with one volume per year.

The number of publications issued during the period between (2012-2021) is (18) issues, and (3) three issues related to the research of the college conferences, and one special issue for the research of the Bilad Alrafidain University College.

- Our journal is assigned to publish scientific researches and refereed studies in various legal studies and political science from inside and outside Iraq. Moreover, the journal publishes legal and political Master's thesis and PhD dissertations. It also publishes the legal or political books newly released, as well as the works of scientific conferences and symposia held in the College of Law and Political Science - University of Diyala, addition to departments and colleges corresponding to the journal’s specialization from the outside Diyala University.